You get to drive the red Mazda MX5 Sports Car parked outside the 91ZM building.

Using your keyboard's directional keys you head out to find each of the prizes on offer.

There's eight of them scattered randomly throughout the city. When you find one and scoop it up go immediately back to the 91ZM building. Then set out for the next prize.

Don't hold down the directional keys. Simply hit the directional keys once, twice or three times to increase or decrease your speed or make a turn.

The menu bar at the top of the page shows you the prizes you've picked up. Grab all 8 and you can enter the awesome 'get a life' prize package draw.

But hey, life wasn't meant to be easy!
Go off the road or corner badly and you'll crash and burn!

Then there's the bogan cars and the cops. They are out there to make life tough. So keep out of their way.
You can do that by out running them, changing direction or doing a quick U-turn (hit forward and side keys almost simultaneously to do this)

You get 9 lives to complete the game before you're forced back to level one.

So whaddaya waiting for! Go 'get

Rules and conditions available from 91ZM or see Prize Details page
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